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Aims and Objectives of Freemasonry

To be good citizens by practising the highest moral and social standards in friendship, charity and integrity.

To encourage our members to serve their own religion and community.

To demonstrate that we are a society of upright men.

To enjoy each others company and develop team spirit and fellowship.

Good Citizens

We are dedicated to making good men better and to developing our knowledge of ourselves as individuals and the world around us through education, discussion and social exchange.

We aim to make proper use of our time, dividing it between worship, work, leisure and service, thus making the best use of our mental and physical abilities.

We aim to use our talents for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our neighbours and our communities throughout our private, public, business and professional life.

We promise not to use our membership to promote our own or anyone else's private, public, business or professional interests.

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Should you wish to visit our Lodge we meet on the first Tuesday in the month at Heather Hall Newstead Launceston
If you are interested in membership, or request for information contact any of the addresses on the Officers and Contacts  page.

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