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June meeting report

April Open Installation report

News from the Floor.

Combined Scotch / Heather Christmas Meeting


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Lodge Scotch College




Freemasonry Tasmania Third Degree


At the next meeting of Lodge Scotch College on Tuesday 15th October, the Grand Superintendent of Masonic Education, Rt Wor Bro S.R. Zichy Woinarski, will take the chair to conduct the Third Degree of Bro S Harvey.


Lodge Scotch College is very proud to be part of this educational evening and excited to see the raising of Bro Stephen Harvey.


Rt. Wor. Bro. Zichy has agreed to answer questions in the South after the ceremony. This will be an exciting time for those of you who have always wanted to understand the workings of the degree.



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                        LODGE SCOTCH COLLEGE


Brethren: This past Tuesday evening 19th June was the first working evening of our new Master Wor. Bro. Douglas Dearinger.


Following the normal business session,  commenced  Rt. Wor. Bro. Zichy-Woinarski  Grand Director of Masonic Education requested permission to address the Brethren .He then

 enlightened the Brethren with a very interesting talk regarding the Attendance Register.


 The evening saw the "Passing" of Bro. Stephen Harvey to the Fellow Craft Degree at Lodge Scotch College. V. Wor. Bro. Owen Thorne was invited by the Wor. Master to take the chair for the passing ceremony.  Bro. Owen conducted the ceremony to the point of the final charge, then returned the gavel to the Wor. Master. The Final charge to be conducted later.


 The Grand Inspector of Lodges V. Wor. Bro. H. Fairly was in attendance keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

Congratulations continued at the Festive Board with Bro. S. Harvey receiving many a hand shake.  Stephen is now looking forward to his Third Degree later this year. Congratulations were also given to the L.S.C. officers that had  conducted the work, some for the first time in a number of years.


Lodge Scotch College has accepted a request and warmly welcome,  the Grand Director of Masonic Education to conduct " The Walk Through of the Second Degree" at the August meeting of L.S.C.  Bro Zitchy briefly mentioned that this evening will be of special Masonic significance to Freemasonry Tasmania.


Brother Harvey will be escorted throughout the evenings work and has mentioned that he is looking forward to the August meeting. During this educationally evening there will be a opportunity to ask questions of The Grand Masonic Educator.

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Installation April 2013
  What a Night
   Bro.Douglas G. Dearinger was installed at an open meeting, as Master of Lodge Scotch College on Tuesday evening of the 16th April 2013.

Wor. Bro. Douglas would like to take this opportunity to thank all that attended and made this the success it was, in particular Christine Dearinger, and his family from Queensland.  The 106 guests, GL Brethren, and the Tamer Chapter of the Eastern Star. Yes 106 in the Lodge room.

V. Wor. Bro. Greg Parkinson of Lodge Phoenix piped the new master and Mrs. Dearinger into the banquet hall.

The Banquet was set up for 70 guests, soon looking for more tables with a final count of 85 who stayed for the banquet.

Well done to the three founding members that attended, two still active in the lodge.

There was excitement when the 50 year Celebratory cake was escorted in by two Grand Lodge Deacons with the two latest members of the craft one from Lodge Esk, and the other from Lodge Scotch College, (both recently joining as a result of an "Open Day" held at the Launceston Masonic Centre) carrying the cake to were the "Founding Members" were seated.

The cutting of the cake was special moment of reflection for our old boys, and a contemplation for the newer.

The local Examiner News Paper was invited and photo journalist Emily Baker assisted by V. Wor. Bro. John the Duke of Avram,  Secretary  H.O.B acting as media liaison.  This was another first, providing L.S.C with a unique opportunity to promote several Masonic groups and event at once.

1.   The 50 year celebration of L.S.C
2.  A Master Mason being installed as  first time Master
3.   An open Installation.

This resulted in a news item with photo on page 19 of the Examiner on the 19th. April 2013. The obvious success of this event proves, we can do it.

                                                        Freemasonry Tasmania is now.
  Two Pictures.  Left  taking during the ceremony.  Right  cutting the 50 year anniversary cake.

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Lodge Scotch College & Hutchins Old Boys Fraternal
Tuesday 22nd January 2013 The Master Elect Lodge Scotch College Bro. D. G. Dearinger accompanied by Mrs. Christine Dearinger travelled to Hobart .
We were invited to attend the Commencement Dinner for The Hutchins Old Boys Lodge held at the Hutchins School.

Christine and I were  extremely well received by the Master of the Hutchins School and The Master of Hutchins old Boys Lodge and Brethren . After the usual Anthems we were encouraged to sing along with the Hutchins school Song.

The offering was superb. 

There were fond memories exchanged of our earlier visit to Cleveland .

The Master of Lodge Hutchins Old Boys accepted  an invitation to attend and present 'The working Tools' at the  Open Installation at Lodge Scotch College 
on 16th April 2013.

Pictures below enjoying the "Commencement Dinner"

  Combined Christmas Meeting December 2012


The combined Lodge Heather/ Scotch Christmas Function was held last Tuesday 4th December 2012.

Members attended a short meeting while the Ladies were entertained in the South by Mr. Max Linton.

He was the Lodge Scotch Masters mystery artist who was most proficient on a electronic Xylophone.

During the evening Max Linton entertained us all with his music, truly amazing the melodies that Max can produce.

Members of both Lodges with several visiting masters enjoyed a Christmas board of Chicken, Ham followed by a choice of Pavlova or the more traditional Plum Pudding with Cream and Brandy Custard.

38 Members, ladies , visitors and guests attended the Festive Board.

The Wor. Masters of Lodge Heather and Lodge Scotch thank all that attended on the night, and take this opportunity to wish all a very Holy and safe Christmas.

Look forward to seeing you all in 2013



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  News from our LSC Correspondent.
  Lodge Scotch College would like to congratulate Bro. Den Meuller on being raised to the second degree on the 5th. of this month.  The Brisbane Street Masonic Temple was packed with brethren from lodges totaling 33 masons, including Brother K. Bilston, a fellow Craft from St. Helens Lodge.

The Worshipful Master and Officers of St. Andrew Lewis performed their respective duties with the Grand Inspector of Lodges in attendance.

The Entered Apprentice, later to be Fellow Craft, Bro. Dean Mueller, had a most enjoyable evening.  Bro. Meuller mentioned that he would be in attendance with his business partner, Bro. Steve Harvey, at Lodge Scotch College at the next meeting on the 16th. October where the Grand Superintendant of Masonic Education would be explaining to Bro. Harvey his recent Initiation in a talk entitled,  "A walk through the First Degree".  This will prove to be a night to be remembered.

Douglas Dearinger 15th October 2012

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