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History Of Lodge Scotch College No. 80 T. C.

Foundation Officers
Lodge Scotch College No. 80 T.C.

W.M Wor. Bro R. L. Edwards
I.P.M. Wor. Bro. R. A. Thomas
S.W. Wor. Bro. K. R. McLean
J.W. Wor. Bro. A. R. Braid
Chaplain Rev. Bro. C. A. Gibson
Asst. Chaplain Bro. A. G. Jones
Treasurer Bro. J. M. Joscelyne
Secretary Bro. E. N. Wilkinson
Director of Ceremonies Wor. Bro. E. H. Smith.
Asst. Director of Ceremonies Wor. Bro. A. R. Farrell
S.D. Bro. A. G. Mayhead
J.D. Bro. J. L. Gerrard
Organist Bro. W. J. Batten
I.G. Bro. P. C. C. Grace
Tyler Bro. K. G. Kiel
Sen. Steward Bro. A. R. Campbell
Stewards Bro's W.W. Green.  Bro. D. J. Harris
  Bro. B. D. Mann,  Bro. R. J. Mitchell
  Bro. D. C. Murfett,   Bro. L. J. Prewer


Wor. Bro. B. M. Miller and Bro. R. W. Eastoe

Bro.'s H. L. Vincent and R. J. Mitchell
Wor. Bro R. L. Edwards, Wor. Bro. R. A. Thomas and Wor. Bro. A. R. Farrell
V. Wor. Bro. W. E. Northey
Bros. D. J. Harris,  B. C. Cairns,  D. C. Murfett
Bro. J. M. Joscelyne
Our members gratefully acknowledge the following presentations :----
Lodge Charter Lodge Heather No. 64 T.C.
Director's Baton Old Grammarians Lodge No. 51 T.C.
Master's and Wardens Gavels Hutchins Old Boys' Lodge No. 48 T.C.
Square and Compasses Scotch Collegians No. 396 V.C.
Presentation Cushion Churinga Lodge No. 58 T.C.
Markers for Volume St. Andrew Lodge No. 6 T.C
Volume of the Sacred law Ver. Wor. Bro. S. C. Docking and family.
Master's Regalia Mrs. Roy L Edwards
Deacons' Wands Wor. Bro. Robert A. Thomas
Cable Tow Bro. George Davies

The Story

Over the years, endeavours had been made to have a Masonic Lodge formed associated with Scotch College but for various reasons a successful conclusion could not be reached.  However, in the early part of 1962 these thoughts and were revived by Wor. Bro. Ken McLean who sought assistance of Wor. Bro Roy Edwards, Ver. Wor. Bro. Edward Robinson and  Wor. Bro Ross Baird who then agreed to form themselves into a committee of Conveners for the purpose.

Their first action was to delve into the possibility of there being sufficient Members of the Craft who had past and present interest in the College, after which, in the vicinity of two hundred names were listed.

Approval was then obtained from the Principal of the College the Rev. R. H. Dean and the College Council, to establish a Lodge associated with the College.

Circulars were then sent out for members to attend an inaugural Meeting to be held in the College Science lecture Room on Wednesday 26th September, 1962.  This meeting was attended by forty-two Members, in addition to which a number of apologies were received from Brethren who advised of their wish to become Foundation Members.  At this meeting it was unanimously decided to form the Lodge, and decisions were made regarding the qualifications for membership and the general conduct of the Lodge.

It was agreed to hold the next Meeting on the 19th of October at which Officers of the Lodge would be elected.  After one or two By-Elections, caused by members being transferred out of the State, the Foundation Officers were shown herein.

It was agreed to ask Lodge Heather to be our Sponsor Lodge, which they deemed to be an honour, and accepted with much pleasure, after which a petition was forwarded to Grand Lodge and our Charter was granted on 1st. November 1962.  the Lodge to meet on the first Monday of each month at Heather Masonic Hall, Newstead.

The Lodge was duly consecrated on Friday 5th April 1963 by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tasmania, Most Wor. Rt. Rev. W. R. Barrett assisted by the Grand Lodge Officers, after which the Installation Ceremony was carried out in the presence of a large retinue of Grand Lodge Officers and one hundred and seventy three members of the craft.  Lodge Scotch College thus became a reality with a record number of for the Tasmanian Constitution of seventy-seven foundation members.  

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